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    Gmax 1.0 Config files

    Snavazio - these should be the 1.0 files, but not sure if they are the most recent or not. Only one I have archived.
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    Gmax 1.0 Bearing Style filament holders

    CalebC, If I hadn't had a chance to say thank you, a little belated, but "Thank you."
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    Mk7 vs mk8 extruder gear.

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    Gmax 1.0

    Kyle, the zip looks to me missing the C shapped Z-Axis end-stop mount. Can you please add that file?
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    Let's talk Octoprint

    Kyle, PM me with the make/model of your router at home. There may be an easier way to set this up without the relay that will save you a few bucks and give you faster performance.
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    Let's talk Octoprint

    Great write up Kyle! I'll add a few additional tips to expand on a few things you touched on. - There are some great free tools available that let you scan your network for devices and their IP's. For windows, Advanced IP Scanner is a great free tool (
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    Calibration problems

    I second what Chris said.
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    The Element

    Interesting find Rosso, thanks for sharing.
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    gCreate Spaceship- Fullsize print with questions

    Larry, did you ever get this to come out clean? I'm curious to what the final resolution was.
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    Welcome Kyle!

    Definitely some interesting uses there for the gMax! Keep us posted on how the pumpkin molding comes out.
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    Welcome Kyle!

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    gCreate Spaceship- Fullsize print with questions

    Larry, try turning down your small perimeter speed a tad, and maybe dropping your perimeter acceleration a bit. I can't be certain, but coming off the rivets, it looks like your getting a little ringing from the sharp change of direction.
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    Northern California gMax 1.5 XT

    LIRlene.... I like that. She's one fine lady! For a simple spool safety, run a short length of PVC thru it with a rope down the middle and tied off at either end. Not elegant, but easy to deal with and the PVC should just roll with it. You want something pretty guess you can print your own tube.
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    Please upload the middle filament spool bracket

    Larry, that came out looking really purtty! I'd almost say even sexy had you given it a more feminine name :D I like the LED's you've added. Gives it an awesome glow. Just hope you used a dimmer so the neighbors aren't blinded.