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    Z Axis problems. Extruder not contacting the bed.

    how do you move the BLTouch? It's locked in place on the arm
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    Gmax 1.5xt+ E3D Extruder Clogged

    I'm having this problem. What is the idler arm you mentioned? I had to take everything apart and I can see (as shown in the attached picture) where the filament is stuck
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    Newb Print Fail Question

    long story short, make sure nothing is impeding the motion of the build bed
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    Newb Print Fail Question

    I've got the 1.5XT+ and this has happened when the heated bed cord gets snagged and yanks on the bed. I also have a lot of problems with the printed part that holds the BLTouch sensor and am constantly reattaching it. It will cause this problem if the BLTouch gets lose and snagged on a print...
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    activating entire Heated Bed?