gMax in Mid-Michigan!

How do you like it? What have you built with it? I'm also in Michigan. I'm hoping my will be shipped out soon. Sadly, I keep emailing, but no one responds.
On a side note to that, are you getting your PLA spools locally? I'm looking for a local supplier and would love a suggestion on where I could find one.
I've printed a lot of scrap plastic! But honestly, it's because I'm new to 3D printers. I haven't built anything huge yet, but I've really dialed down my small part accuracy! I work too much so I only have an hour or two a night max to play around with it, and that's when I feel ambitious.

I tried starting off with a large project, which was a mistake because I was still getting the hang of what I was doing. So I've shifted my project to my tiny multi-copter that I also got from KickStarter. My best version is in the link below. Green frame is mine, red is the stock frame. The pieces are small, so I can print most parts in 5-15 minutes, which is perfect for debugging and honing my skills. I'm pretty happy how the gMax performs now that I've calibrated it and sort of know what I'm doing.

As for PLA sources, I'm still using the ColorFabb spool that was originally given to the KS backers. I haven't had any issues with it and I know the gMax crew speak highly of it. I bought a spool of Zen Toolworks Natural PLA from Amazon because it was cheap and getting decent reviews. I haven't tried it yet and hope it doesn't bite me in the ass for buying from Amazon.