How long was it until you got your printer?

I just placed my order for the gMax and I'm super excited. I know it's going to be a long couple of months until I get it so I'll try to stay sane.

I was wondering how long it took for you guys to get your printer?
If you're asking how long it took the KickStarter people to get theirs you can't really go by that estimation because of certain delays and stuff.
According to the most recent blog post they're going to start fulfilling pre-orders this week. I can't speak for the gMax team, but I doubt that it'll take that long to ship.

p.s. I got mine earlier this week and I'm 80% done assembling it!
The assembly is going alright. I did have to slightly modify a couple pieces and there's a few hard to reach bolts. Right now I'm trying to level out the z-axis and I think I'm going to move the bottom plate that attaches the angle braces that are in-between the z-axis feet to the inside (if that makes any sense). I'll be posting pictures either tonight or tomorrow when I finish it up.

But overall, it's not been too bad.
I cant wait to get started on my 3d printing adventure. Adding this next to my diy cnc router. Ordered mine on March 25th with dual extruders. It should be arriving soon. :)
I think I passed the 2 month mark, but I also only did a pre-order in May and know they've got some resources on back order. That's what happens when you want something cool and new!

Actually, does anyone know if the back-ordered parts are still on back-order?

Regardless I'm excited and continue to work on my modeling skills in the meantime. :)
I passed the two month mark also. It took around 12 weeks to get mine. I was a little disappointed when one of the parts on my extruder was missing but they sent it out 2nd day shipping and got it right to me. I was expecting it to take around that long to get to me so I was very satisfied. Considering it's just Gordon, Anna, and I think an intern or two the customer service was great.
Just got my shipping email! :D

I think that puts the wait at about 12 weeks also, which is honestly about what I expected anyway. It's actually pretty good considering they had to deal with back ordered parts and only 3 people.

It makes me wonder if a lot of future KickStarter and other 3D printer orders are going to be delayed this year due to back ordered electronics. It wouldn't surprise me.

I'll post up pics of my build and first prints once I get everything!