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    gMax 2 PRO - Wiring Guide 210722

    Useful guide showing the wiring of the gMax 2 PRO electronics case, touchscreen, extruder and
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    gMax 2 - Getting Started Manual 190730

    This guide will walk you through the different parts of your printer and should be used to complete your first print and ensure everything is working properly. It will also help you dial in any z-offset adjustments. Even if you are familiar with 3d printing, please review this guide to set up...
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    gMax 2 Unboxing and Setup Guide 190702

    This guide should be used for the initial unboxing and setup of your gMax 2 3D printer. Please Use the additional "Getting Started Manual" for the first use of your printer.
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    gMax 2 Heated Bed Manual 190730

    Manual used to install and operate the gMax 2 heated bed.
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    gMax 1.5+ Dual Extruder Leveling Guide v 17.09.25

    A leveling guide for the gMax dual extruder
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    2017 gMax 1.5+ Getting Started Manual v 17.11.15

    11-15-17 Additional notes regarding SD card and USB Connection. 7-17-17 Additional changes to reflect proper bed leveling procedure. 5-17-17 A new version has been added to reflect the changes in Marlin 1.1.1 This manual is will familiarize you with your gMax printer when you first receive...