BL touch life expectancy


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Hi guys,
I am on my second BL-touch which start acting very strange, it is unusable now.
before I get into the issues, I have reset and restart the machine multiple times.
1- it seems to fail during the bed level procedure almost at point #6 or 7 and starts blinking
2- when I go thru the LCD menu, prepare, reset Bl touch, it stops blinking, however when I press self test, it started clicking on and off for ever, however now the plunger doesn't latch anymore and I get a blinking red light
3- as I am writing I just realize, it won't even move if I try to stow or deploy, the only things that works with it is the reset that stops the blinking red light and activate the blue light.
it seems very obvious something is wrong with it, my machine is 2.5 years old, I would be buying my second BL touch on top of the original one.
is this normal for the BL touch life expectancy?