Correct Way to Cancel Build at Machine

I just got my first gMax 2 printer and had the skirt get come loose and get caught by second extruder nozzle. I was scrolling through the firmware options on the LCD and could not find a "Pause Print" or "Cancel Print" options under any of the headings. The firmware is a customized version of 1.1.19 Marlin. What is the correct way to cancel a print when standing in front of the machine?
Thank you so much for offering to help. Is there a specific menu you are looking for? Below are the Info and the Firmware screens. I should mention that I use Octoprint and that is how I currently have to cancel any builds. That option actually waits until the last command is done running, so it would be ideal, if I am having an issue with the print, to be able to pause or stop it dead in its tracks at the machine.