Detroit gMax


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Great work! We love seeing the printers out there. We believe you should have received the new stepper drivers by now and hopefully you are printing.

As a note, we have found the old "spiral wire wrap" can easily be replaced by a few zip ties so feel free to do so if you choose.
Thanks. I'll be posting changes I've made to my printer soon. I think everything is starting to stabilize, except I broke my 2nd j-head. Oh well. If anyone wants to see my printer running . . . and I can't promise this link will always work or the machine will be running, you can view it here:

You should record your printer audio and sell the soundtrack to all the children makers out there.

I fall asleep to this stuff, best to learn to do so at a young age.
Ha! The sounds carries to my bedroom and it makes it hard to sleep. So I'm not in total agreement there.

I've moved my printer to the furnace room and setup on a Keter folding worktable. I did this because 1) it fits the top perfectly, 2) It's adjustable, 3) I can access all 4 sides of the printer. 5) It matches the black and red. Don't judge me!

I also was having problems with the acrylic y-axis. So I added Misumi 240mm t-slots to strengthen it. If I didn't mention it before, I also replaced the L-channel with C-channel, and used it as a frame to place 1/8" glass as a top, held by 1" springs and picture frame springs.

On a side note: 3m painters tape is the worst! I'm using Duck Brand Clean Release Painter's Tape which is way better!

Last, I tend to go into my furnace room at night and just stare at the 3D printer running. So I installed some 5050SMD LED strips to a few more Misumi 240 t-slots I had (I have like 50).

That's all for now. Nice to have it fully operational, except for the j-head I broke.



konton said:
Almost running. Looks like I've got the new updates on the printer build.

A little bit of time-lapse here as well:

I need dual spool holders for dual nozzles! But first I'm gonna need 3 new A4988 G3D Drivers and a heated bed (broke the x, y, and z). But at least it's not a box on the floor!
Good work. Love to see this kind of printed output. Looks like your upgrade is very worth it. Keep posting pictures of your work dude. I love them.