Dual gMax 2 stops printing after a few minutes. Every time.

Hi guys. I’m hoping you might be able to help me figure out what’s going on with my gMax 2 dual nozzle printer.

Every time I try to print with dual heads the printer hangs up after a few layers. It just stops printing. A little bit after it sits there it comes up with a message on the LCDSaying that it’s going to do a filament change on E2. It doesn’t Happen if I only use one extruder. I’ve looked at the gcode and it looks OK to me. I’m including both The gcode file and a small video of it happening. I have tried with Cura, S3D and Ideamaker. Same results. Also tried octopi and direct from computer


Did you ever figure out why it was pausing. I just have the single extruder and twice the printer has just stopped for no obvious reason. Once I transferred the file over the internet to the gtouch controller and it just paused. I took the same file and put it on a USB and had no problem.