Exact specs of bolts used?

Hello all!

As the title says, I'm looking for the exact specs of the hex bolts in this kit. I'm working on another project, and figured I'd use the left over nuts in the t slot holders. I have plenty of nuts left, but ran out of the bolts.

This is of interest to me as well:
I can tell you that the fasteners used are as follows:

1/4"-20 socket head bolts (not hex bolts, there is a difference). 3/4" and 5/8" lengths. Primarily used in the frame. I believe this is what you are inquiring about.

The remaining fasteners are:
M3 screws for the motors and for the underside of the x carriage units to hold the rods in place
#4 screws for connecting the thinner aluminum extrusions and assembling the extruder assembly.
5/16"-18 bolts for anything that involves a 608 bearing, and the feet.

The part I find interesting is the black finish of all the fasteners. I've found that there are fasteners coated with a "black oxide" finish which provides some corrosion resistance. It's not easy to find all the fasteners used here in that finish.
But, if the natural steel color works for you, I recommend boltdepot.com. That's where I got everything. And remember, there is a difference between hex bolt and socket head machine screw.


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Just bringing this thread back up from the dead, any info anywhere of all fixings used on the printer? Particularly for the extruder assembly? Im currently piecing together a kit to make my own printer using the work one.