Extruder randomly stops extruding filament mid print

Has anyone had the problem that the extruder will randomly stop extruding during the print and not extrude anymore until you start a new print? I replaced the extruder stepper motor and I dont think its a clog. It has happened with a .4mm nozzle and I switched to a .8mm nozzle. I uninstalled Pruaslicer from 2.7.1 back to 2.6.1 with no changes.
This is a big print and sometimes when I start the print the it does the BL touch but will not start the print, just sit there do nothing. I have to power off and on then tell it to do the print again. Usually it will do it between 1 and 3 starts. I had no problem with a very small print on starting. Also is there a max file size for the gcode that the printer can handle? The code is approx 72,000 KB.
At this point I can only think that perhaps the driver is overheating cause im out of ideas now.