First layer issue- overcompensation of the bed mesh

I own several printers with ABL and mesh compensation, and they all work well. Unfortunately, this new Pro 2 isn't working for me. After several bed leveling attempts, I am seeing substantial variances in the bed mesh up to 2 mm. My other printers might show variances of .5 to .7mm at most. I can't baby step because the printer seems to be overcompensating badly. The nozzle digs into the bed in some areas and is way too high in others, and in other areas, it's spot on. This system is just not working.

The firmware shows 144 points to measure, but it spends a lot of time in the front right and back right areas of the bed with far fewer probing points on the left and back left. It's "creating" points after only probing 100-- why? I routinely see digging into the bed in the front and right front of the bed while the back left and left side are too high.

I reset the EPROM, re-executed the Z-twist, ran a new bed level mesh with the bed at 70c, saved the mesh result to all slots (as recommended by Gcreate). Re-started the printer, and I'm still seeing a very poor first layer that's unusable.

This is wildly frustrating considering the cost of this printer compared to a couple of my cheap Chinese units running circles around this Pro 2 on the first layer.

I need assistance.
I guess I made huge mistake purchasing this printer. Customer service is terrible, and this forum is useless. I guess nobody from pathetic Gcreate looks at anything here? This is the worst printer I have owned regarding first layers and the UBL crap overcompensating badly. I'll stick with the Neptune 3 max and Vivedino Raptor 2. Both runs circles around this Pro2 in terms of quality and first-layer issues. And both costs $4000 - $4500 less. At least the new grant I received will go way farther since I'm not purchasing another Gcreate machine ever again. This seems to be an issue with American 3d printer manufacturers in general, and this sealed the deal to never buy "American" again. Days are numbers anyway since Bambu and Creality will eventually produce large build volumes at better speeds for a fraction of the cost and headache.