Gmax 1.0

Anyone have Gmax 1.0 stl files handy? My early-bird kickstarter Gmax took a tumble while in transit & I'm in need of some parts. I have access to another printer, but have misplaced the thumb drive where Gmax 1.0 files were being stored.
Thanks in advance!
Could someone also post the old firmware? I had to get a new Arduino and I don't have the old files... I tried the 1.5 build on it, but it went crazy...

Hi Kyle,
I did upgrade my Gmax to Gcreate 1.5+ with some new items added such as BLtouch, E3D hot end, Z-brackets,x,y = 406mm and z= 400mm.
After I installed Marlin 1.1.8 firmware for full graphic, I tried to perform the following step but the x-axis always stayed above the printed bed about 10-13mm.
1- Run initial setup from SD card.
2- Adjust the lead screw.
3- Bed Leveling.
4- Go back to Marlin 1.1.1
5- Auto home. After first and 2nd times the extruder got closer to the printed bed, it raised up about 10-13mm.

I did check all the wire diagram and connection of BL touch. They all correct and good contact. BLtouch self test worked fine.
Note: The RAMP board is red color and all step motors are from Gmax printer.
Can you help me to solve the issue please? I need it work so, I can make the hand for amputees.