gMax 1.5+ 2016 User Guide


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We are pleased to announce the release of the gMax 1.5+ 2016 User Guide. This 41 page guide includes instructions on operating your printer, maintenance, slicing information, LCD breakdown and many more tips.

Please note we are releasing it as a v0.9 draft version to gather feedback and make any final changes.

To download the PDF manual visit the link below:
Ok so I have had my gMax 1.5+ for almost a year and a half and I love it.. Since I purchased it I have added the heated bed and a BLtouch.

The question I have is in regards to maintenance. I am getting a slight squeak when the printer is doing the auto bed level sequence when the Z axis is moving. I have looked through the User Guide and I did not see any recommendation for lubricating the Acme lead screws. I was thinking about using a silicon spray but wanted to see if anyone else has had the issue.

Any help in eliminating my squeak would be highly appreciated.
Thanks Kyle,

I don't have the Nylon blocks with the tension adjustments. I'm assuming this is an upgrade part and I should order one for each lead screw?