gMax running with Kisslicer

Hi everyone,

Took me a while but I manage to run the gMax with KiSSlicer :). My next step is to use the second extruder and print supports with PVA to get a very smooth piece.

Could any of you recommend the best PVA material available to use with the gMax printer and the settings?

I have attached some pieces I have printed.



PVA is finicky. Low temps required, as in 190 max I believe, and very sensitive to moisture in the air.

That said, cold water is cheaper than d-Limonene if you were to use HIPS.

I've ordered other filament from makergeeks before.

If you google PVA filament -- matterhackers, makergeeks, these are said to be reliable vendors.
This is a very good output dude. Wow. btw what did you print? is that a mouse or something. Anyway you have a very good skill set in terms of printing. I wish i could say the same for me.