How to install slic3r config files


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We found that with newer versions of slic3r config files don't load correctly when loading them from the menu. Basically most of the settings don't import causing problems. The solution is fairly easy:

Download the latest config files from the download site and unzip the files. You will now see three folders containing files. Each file represents a different profile all of which should be installed. You have to manually copy the folders, containing the config files, into the slic3r config folder found here:


Note: Make sure to backup your old files if you wish to keep the settings since this may replace the old files.

Below is how to find the folder in Windows.

You can find that folder in Windows by clicking "Start > Run". (Note in newer versions you can find run in "Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run". Also refer to google if you need to find it.

Then paste this into the "Run" window:

You can also paste this in windows explorer.

This should open the slic3r config file location.

You can also use this very useful program to view your gcode files before printing.