In the Works, Hex-EDF jet flying saucer

One day we were playing on the lawn with multicopters, and the neighbor's dog was staring at them going :eek: so we joked about "It must be seeing UFOs", then I thought, "I will make my next multicopter flying saucer shaped so neighbors will think it's a UFO too!"

Which led me to making this CAD

I ordered the gMax to print parts for it, but it hasn't arrived, I had bought a foam hull and built a prototype. Here's a pic of the foam hull flying:

I have a problem though, due to weight restrictions, I designed the walls of the saucer to be 1mm thick. I'm not sure as to whether it's will hold.

A link to my post about this on RC Groups
Read your linked post on RC Groups. I've mounted a dremel to my gMax x carriage so you may be able to mill foam when you get the unit. All it involves is printing a new mounting plate I designed and another copy of the left and right pieces of the original extruder assembly so that you'll be able to snap the 3d printing module off and the dremel module on.

Happy to provide CAD files if requested, nice to see a fellow Inventor user on here.
I've seen the flex shaft suggested a lot on the RepRap forums for smaller machines like what you originally started out with, hopefully it won't be necessary but I'll give it a shot if this way runs into problems. The way it is right now is a 3D printed plate 1/4" thick that replaces the primary acrylic plates of the extruder assembly. The 5 screw holes for mounting to the left and right linear motion components are retained, and a 3/4"-12 hole threaded hole is put in the middle. My new Dremel 3000 screws right into it. The printer takes care of the threads of this size quite nicely at the default .23mm layer height.

Working on the toolchain right now. The goal is to create gCode that can be imported directly into Repetier-Host (my printing software of choice) and sent to the printer without having to put new firmware on the printer control board. ... toolchain/
This guy recommends Vectric software and I'm getting started with a trial of Cut2D to see if it'll do what I want.

Care to send over the designs of the dual extruder plates for my first milling operation?