infill acceleration and fan speed?

Two issues seems be happening.

1) Too much acceleration at some point when printing a long opening in a cylinder that the machine shakes so much the print jumps. Observe at 11 seconds in.

2) Fan seems to be running at 200% and is cooling the hotend to the point it cannot keep the proper temp.

I'm not actually sure this is infill. And fan speed doesn't show a 200%. So I'm just looking for a suggestion on what to change in the slic3r settings to help resolve these issues. Thanks.

What's your gap fill speed? Looks like that's the setting that's relevant to what happens at 11 seconds in.

Also, there's a setting in Slic3r that I consider experimental: vibration limit, under printer settings. Give it a shot with a value between 1000 and 9000. Maybe 5000 would be a good place to start.
Looks like the same thing is happening about 41 seconds in as well? What do you have your layer height at? Almost looks like the nozzle is running really low and hitting the last layer like speed bumps.
I was suggest the vibration limited added a delay between moved and might not be the best option. But I can try just printing a single hinge and see.

The layer height is 20. I was actually considering changing it to 23 or 25 as the medium option have. There is not alot of detail on my print, except for the hinge.

I made two changes that seemed to have fixed the problem.

1) the TOP SOLID INFILL is not set to 65. It's not only reduced the vibration, but made the front look much nicer.

2) I changed the layer height to 25. Since my builds don't have ay significant design detail, this works great!

I think I'm going to have to build another double wide soon, if I can figure out how to do it without a moving bed and using all v-slots.