L-Cheapo Laser-Cutting module

I wanted to share this with everyone because it's the first low cost upgrade I've seen to convert a 3D printer to a laser cutter/engraver: http://www.3ders.org//articles/2015...into-a-laser-cutter-with-l-cheapo-module.html

It's not a very high powered laser, but can apparently cut wood up to 3/16". Personally I'm surprised it's only $195 to buy their module and am thinking about getting one this winter if possible.

Also, it seems like this could very easily be modified to connect to the new X-Axis extruder plate design on the new gMax 1.5+ printers, or at least print an adapter.

Has anyone else seen this before or any other good 3D printer mods for converting to a laser cutter/engraver?



Staff member
Safety Safety Safety. Be very careful because even a weak laser can blind you if it hits your eye. Personally I wouldn't laser cut without an enclosure.
That's always good advice! :) I kind of figured goggles would be mandatory for anyone in the room when this is going on, but an enclosure with an air filtration system would definitely be ideal.

I had thought about building a plexi-glass enclosure for my printer at some point, but now I'm thinking something that can block harmful laser reflections. I just don't know enough about what can block low level blue lasers.