Layer Height

It looks like you are printing on the stock acrylic bed. Those beds generally are not flat enough to support a 0.1mm first layer height. Try a first layer height of 80% your nozzle diameter. You might also need to adjust your Z offset to move the nozzle away from the bed on the first layer.
Thanks for your reply @nopick , I was using Slic3r and someone suggested me to switch to Cura, I did so and I was able to print on the first try, but you are right, it seems that the first layers did not attach well to the surface (I covered the surface with UHU and still that was not enough).
You think the nozzle is too close to the bed? I was worried it was to far from it...

here's a time lapse video of a model I printed, as you can see the base is thin (was supposed to be thicker) and there's some warping on the rear side of the diameter.
I don't see a video but if you have the first layer thickness set to 80% of your nozzle diameter and it is still smashing out a really thin first layer, you probably need to adjust your Z offset.