Looking for 1.0 manual, firmware, config, etc.


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So I got really busy for a long time, now trying to get my gMax 1.0 going again. Had a hard drive crash tween then and now, updated to Win 7.

Followed the arduino video, uploaded the 1.5 firmware (reversed the Y-axis I THINK), arduino talked to the board, the blue light flashed really fast for a while, the manual control panel works for moving the platform and print head. Now just trying to get any piece of 3d printing software to talk to the printer. Com port 4 in my case.

Any recommendations on current software? Working on reinstalling and config'ing Slic3r, but don't have 1.0 config file and or bundle. Bought Simplify3D, won't connect.

Anyway, still working on it, any pointers, tips or recommendations appreciated.




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Well halleluhah or whatever.

Pronterface talks to the printer. Makes it move and everything. w00t!

Still taking any tips or recommendations, especially any specific to 1.0



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Hmm. Tried to reverse y axis in the configuration.h, but whatever I did didn't work, the bed homed in the wrong direction, which I kind of expected and pulled the plug before it hit anything.

So I undid what I did to configuration.h, reuploaded the firmware, and reversed the plug from the y motor on the arduino board. That also didn't work, which again I halfway expected and pulled the plug.

But now I have no idea what to do. :-/


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I got the X, Y and Z all moving in the right direction. Yay!

But the Y home command doesn't do anything. Home all axes does X and Z, but also doesn't home Y.

I found a loose white wire at the printer cable end of the board, reattached it, but that goes to the printhead, and in any event didn't enable, disable or affect Y homing.

Y homing was working, albeit in the wrong direction, even after the manual y jog started working right. Without any reversed wires or flipped axes in the configuration.h either. So I reversed the Y homing direction in configuration.h and it hasn't done a damn thing since. I changed it back to -1 figuring it would at least home the wrong way, but no such luck.

I'm tired, stumped, and a bit dejected.


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One last minor success, got simplify to talk to the printer. Baud rate needed to be set to 250000.

But no Y-homing there either. :-/


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Everything seems to be seated correctly, and all the endstops operate. If I jog the bed into the y endstop, the switch works, the light comes on and the bed stops.

I've tried home y in pronterface and simplify, and sending the gcode command manually. For some reason the board isn't receiving it, isn't understanding it, or can't execute it. Since all the jog controls work, I don't think it's not receiving it, and since it does execute home all on x and z, it doesn't seem likely that it can't execute it, although I guess that's possible. But it seems more likely that it's not understanding it, i.e. the firmware isn't quite right.

Hence my search for the firmware for the 1.0 software circa September 2014. Cuz that worked. This model is from the first kickstarter, kit form, that I assembled, that worked. It got a little banged up being transported around, but I've repaired the structural stuff, just a few cracked plastic parts, and even beefed it up with some metal brackets. Everything seems to be correct, although I haven't got as far as testing the extruder/hot end yet.

Really hoping this is a software or firmware issue. If it's not, that only leaves something wrong with the board itself as far as I can think.

If anybody out there is operating a relatively stock gMax 1.0 and can send me or post their arduino sketch, that would be fantastic.




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So, the 1.0 manual, wiring diagram, firmware and config files are just gone? Somebody must have a copy, right?

XYZ axes all function correctly, X and Z home correctly, Y doesn't home at all, and I have a mintemp error.

Things are not going well. Is the 1.0 a dead platform now?


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Manual control from the LCD still works.

Computer control no joy.

Printer is now online.
echo: External Reset
gMax Marlin 1.0.0
echo: Last Updated: Jul 12 201612/23/201419:53:33 | Author: Gordon LaPlante (Gordon LaPlante, gMax 1.5 Configuration)
Compiled: Jul 12 2016
echo: Free Memory: 4311 PlannerBufferBytes: 1232
echo:Hardcoded Default Settings Loaded
[ERROR] Error:0

: Extruder switched off. MINTEMP triggered !
Error:printer stopped due to errors. Fix the error and use M999 to restart. (Temperature is reset. Set it after restarting)
[ERROR] Error:printer stopped due to errors. Fix the error and use M999 to restart. (Temperature is reset. Set it after restarting)

echo:SD init fail
Gmax 1.0 slicer files
I have STL, Build manual PDF and other files as well as most legacy STL files from upgrades but I cant upload PDf, STL, or INI files. Just PM me your email address