Metal LCD screen Installation


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Metal LCD Bracket Installation w/ Full Graphic LCD

Using (2) ¼-20 x ½” Socket head bolts and (2) washers, attach the Metal bracket to the left rail on the gMax printer. You may have to loosen the USB hub, or install it later, to access the head of the top bolt.

After installing bracket, plug in power button connector and ribbon cables

metal_lcd_screen_install (2).JPG
metal_lcd_screen_install (1).JPG

Install rear metal cover using (4) small screws. You can also take any remaining extra wires coming from power supply and place them inside the LCD bracket.

metal_lcd_screen_install (3).JPG

Plug ribbon cables inside electronics box. Make sure to match EXP1 and EXP2.

Note, you must use the new red ribbon cable shield with the full graphic display. The blue, gadgets3d, shield will not work with the new full graphic display.
metal_lcd_screen_install (5).JPG

metal_lcd_screen_install (4).JPG

Connect printer to computer and upload the appropriate new firmware for display to work. You must select the firmware the FULL GRAPHIC DISPLAY and chose the correct electronics color. G3D electronics are blue and Keyestudio electronics are red.

Check our youtube channel for a tutorial on uploading firmware to your printer.
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