Misumi Promo

I've been searching online for a few things and came across a phenomenal deal from a company called Misumi [edit] for $150 off of your order for new customers! (sorry, forgot to mention the actual offer) [edit] I work in the auto industry in Michigan and use this company on nearly every project. Just about everything is customizable and they have an enormous selection! Offer ends on March 31, FYI!

The link at the bottom is for the rules and how to apply the discount.
So far, I'm debating between a couple things (even though I haven't gotten my gMax yet):

Rolled Ball Screw Shaft (for either x or y-axis, it's rolled teeth, not machined) - BSSCK1004-480-F10-P6 ($167.94)
Linear Guide - Steel, With Ball Rollers (y-axis) - BJKSG16-550-W1 ($160.20 for 2 rails)
Glass Plate (says "excels in smoothness and has little distortion". You can get 2x or 4x c'sunk or thru holes. temp range is 100C continuous and 350C max. p.s. I don't know the leveling screw dimensions) - FGLKF4H3-460-460-F160-G440-P3
They also have aluminum extrusion and accessories.

Let me know if you guys think any of these will be decent upgrades or even necessary. Either way, I might end up buying the ball screw, I'm sure that'd be a nice upgrade, if not I've got another idea for it.

http://us.misumi-ec.com/news/topics/201 ... tions.html