New Gmax 1.5XT+ Owner First Real Print

Good afternoon :) So here are some images below of the first real print I did after some calibration, leveling, etc.
I will post the good the bad the ugly in my youtube review before too long, but I had some issues getting going. Nothing life altering, just frustrating.
Anyway, here are some pics.

First and foremost, I am fairly well jacked up about the quality. This owl looks amazing. Its super super smooth for .2mm layer height and shows little to no issues with the print at all.
This is how it came straight off the bed, no touch ups. I know in the past there has been stringing between the ears. Not on this :)
The ONLY concern I have is that there are some Z banding issues still happening. Im working with support on that, but if any owners have some suggestions, im all ears.
Ive gotten it to the point of not being physically smooshed out layers, where you can feel with your fingernail, but in the right light, you can see them. in the picture of the back you can.
The bottom pic in blue is what my first tall print looked like. so we are making headway.

So i actually figured out the z banding issue... strangely enough it was the filament spool holder. It wasnt spinning free enough and was putting tension on the extruder and causing the lines.
Anyway, putting a different spool holder on a shelf above the printer seemed to resolve the issue.
Its funny because when i first put up the spool holder I thought it was spinning fairly hard... I loosened the nuts and its not any better... oh well :) i didnt buy this printer for the spool holder haha
Good job on this dude. I like what you are doing. Printing this kind of stuff is not easy. You need precision and effort to perfect this. Keep posting your work. I like it.
Thanks... this is a few months old now... i have PLA and some other stuff dialed in to be perfect.. as good as my flashforge creator pro was.
Still have to work on PETG some more as different prints show different results, but that filament is fairly hard to dial in , it just oozes so much ahha