One dual edtruder nozzle is too low


Staff member
If your gMax came in Kit form and you have a dual extruder setup, it may be that you have to adjust the extruder to ensure both nozzles are level with the bed.

Since the printer was not pre-assembled we cant level these extruders before shipping and this must be does after the printer is assembled otherwise you may find the right or left nozzle is too low and it may hit parts of the print.

To level the extruder you should follow these steps:

1. Loosen one side of the gt2 belt or pop it off the pulley.

2. Remove the bolts holding the main vslot rail and slide the rail to the right allowing you to take off the extruder.

3. Loosen the bolts holding the v-slot wheels. You will notice these bolts should have some slight play allowing you to move the bolts up or down.

4. Adjust the bolts to be higher or lower and re-tighten them.

5. Slide the extruder back on and re-install the v-slot rail then lower the extruder to the bed until a piece of paper just fits below. Don't worry about re-installing the belt just yet.

6. Check both the left and right extruders to see if you have to adjust them again.

7. Once you are satisfied with the results re-install the gt2 belt.

This is how we fine tune the fully assembled and calibrated printer. It may take a few tries but in the end it should fix the leveling problem.