Pre-purcase Questionss


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I am currently searching for different options of printers. Gmax have lots of advantages but at the end more information needed.

1) I saw that lots of people experiences X or Y axis shifting because of program incompatibility. Did you solve already this problems or are you worknig on them?
2) As I saw your bed design have obvious advantages for PLA but unfortunately its causing lots of problems with the filaments which actually need heated bed or environment. If I would like to change the bed with a heated bed , Is there any way to do it? I saw that the belts are passing below the bed so it seems like its impossible to upgrade to a heated bed but I just wanted to learn.
3)Which materials did you use to produce extruder and hotend holder? In forum, somebody said a person bought E3D hotend from him to upgrade Gmax so hotend holder should be metal, teflon etc, Am I right?
4) Is there any way to upgrade to kraken extruder? How hard will be to modify the firmware to use a karaken extruder?
5) Is there any way to modify the Z axis to increase the printable height?
6) How much is the transfer cost to send the printer to Europe (Belgium)?

I will appreciate also if the Gmax owners can share their reviews on the printer here since there is no reviews on Gmax its really hard to judge and buy it.
1) I never had issues with layer shifting myself, but I did have issues with the extruder skipping. I fiddled with the tiny potentiometer and eventually got it working smoothly.
2) They do make 18" x 18" heat beds, they're expensive, but definitely doable. You may just have to increase the bed to glass and mount it differently to the y-axis rails, which wouldn't be too hard.
3) Somewhere on the forum it says which 3rd party hotend it comes with but I can't find it. It's a very common hotend though.
4) Everything is open source, so technically you can upgrade anything you could ever want to on this machine. I would search other forums for how to change the code to fit the kraken extruder. I'm more of a hardware guy than a software guy.
5) The z-axis would probably involve buying longer extrusion, longer guide rods, longer acme rods, and designing new brackets to mount those pieces. It would be easy to do, but I don't know about stability if you increase height.
6) ?

This is actually my first 3D printer, but I'm very pleased with it. I haven't successfully made any large prints, but I only tried large ones when I was first starting out and debugging it, which I failed quite a bit on. I got a ting multicopter from a KickStarter campaign a little after I got my gMax, so I started to make custom shells for that (in the link below). Once I figured out how to calibrate, level, and design with the plastic, I'm now able to produce pretty accurate results.