Prints don’t stick to bed


Staff member
-Sand down the bed using the supplied sanding block. Soak the block in water before sanding to reduce any acrylic dust. Wipe the bed with a damp paper towel when done to remove any acrylic particles.

-Adjust the first layer temperature in the slicing program. The hotter the temperature the better prints will stick but also the harder they are to remove (possibly damaging the part).

-Ensure the first layer is printing thick enough and the hotend is the correct distance from the print bed.

-Try using blue painters tape, orange kapton tape or hair spray on the print surface. Colorfabb PLA does not require these methods but many filaments are available each requiring special techniques.

-Print using a raft which can be generated in your slicing program. This will form a plastic surface from which you can print your model on providing more surface area adhesion.