Rear view mirror bases

Dude those look freaking awesome... super congrats... I love when people print FUNCTIONAL items :).
I print my fair share of trinkets etc, but functional items get me going.
AWesome going... I am still amazed at the print quality i get from the gmax. Not that i shouldnt expect it, but ive been let down by EVERY other large format printer before from the rostock max v2 to the taz 5.
Thanks. I got some cool stuff I have already done on my gcreate and some stuff I've done on my i3. A lot hasn't been released yet so I can't show as I can I'll post pics of things
Cool stuff dude. I actually like how you printed these mirror base. How many times did you try to print this? Did you print this in one go? I think i need to learn from you. Post more of your work.