Stringy looking printed objects.

Hi, so I seem to be stumped. All my printing items so far look stringy. I have turned the heat of th printer head up to 225C and the fill is at .9 and is looking a little better but still things are stringy looking. Not sure what to do next.... Suggestions?

Thank you for viewing and I hope to get this printer printing correctly!!



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We changed the extrusion multiplier between November and December printer kits so this may be the problem. In slic3r go to "Filament Setting" and change the extrusion multiplier to 1.05 to see if this fixes the problem. We uploaded a new config file but I understand its a bit confusing which one to download.


It's hard to tell from the small pic, but it kind of looks like underextrusion to me. Is it kind of spongy looking and weak?
Potential causes:
-Actual temperature is too low (a calibration issue where your machine is reporting 200+, but it is actually much lower)
-Insufficient tension between hobbed bolt and roller (not likely with the design of this machine)
-partial blockage in the hot end.