Why We Love What are the materials used for 3D printing?

On the desktop it is mainly PLA followed by ABS. Nylon. Other materials such as Colorfabs Bronzefill are becoming popular. 3d printing service in vadodara,baroda,ahmedabad,surat,rajkot,bhavnagar,vapi,gujarat,india

Stereolithography (SLA) resins are popular in prototyping and mold making. These photopolymers are also used for Objet, Envisiontec and Formlabs systems.

Polyamide materials are used for Selective Laser Sintering, PA 6 and PA 11 in powdered form power these systems.

you can 3D print with HDPE on a FDM machine. Results can be good if you have the right HDPE.

Currently, plastics are the most widely used materials in additive manufacturing, and the important ones are listed below:

ABS(Acylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Material - acrylonitile butadiene styrene or 'lego' plastic – a very common choice for 3D printing

PLA – Is available in soft and hard grades, is becoming very popular and may overtake ABS in the near future
PVA - polyvinyl alcohol – This is used as a dissolvable support material or for special applications.
PC – polycarbonate – Polycarbonate requires high-temperature nozzle design and is in the proof-of-concept stage.
SOFT PLA - polylactic acid – Is rubbery and flexible, available in limited colors and sources. As 3D printing spreads, may get easy to find.


HIPS stands for high impact polystyrene. Polystyrene is one of the most common materials in our daily lives. HIPS is a low cost material, with a higher strength level than the standard polystyrene. HIPS is used for various things like plastic signs and thicker containers.

Alloy 910


PVA(Polyvinyl Alcohol) is a water soluble material that is great for printing but can also act as a support material. This makes it very useful for complex designs where support removal can be damaging or tricky. Thus many users print support with it can leave the result in a body of water overnight and retrieve their desired print.