Y and X motion

Hi there,

Does anyone know where I can get the V slot wheels that run along the track of the 80/20 and what kind of radial bearing goes inside?


Sage DeFrances


Staff member
Openbuilds v-slot wheels are not made to run along 80/20 but they actually will work just fine if you have a decent bracket holding them in place
Yea my initial plan was to buy regular 20mm 80/20 without the v slot machined into them (more quantity less cost) and use the v slot wheels. Theoretically it will work because there are 4 points of constraint which will eliminate rotational forces about the 80/20 rail. But wearing will occur on the wheels since that constraint is a point and not a flat surface line.

Nonetheless, I'm opting for the flat V-rails that will mount onto the 20mm 80/20 with the v wheels.
I but V-Slot Wheel Kit and work very fine in the aluminium frame 80/20 or 20x20mm .Wayting 4 more wheel kit for the bed.They work very smooth.