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    Print Issue - not smooth

    Ok slow down the speed and smaller layer height. It was a 13 hour print, I guess the printer needs to go for a 24 hour print soon. Thanks for the input.
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    Print Issue - not smooth

    Yes, I'm using Simplify3D. The support material setting is attached. Please advise. The default printing speed is 3600mm/min, which I think it's already slow. Yes, the new print doesn't stick to the old printing. How about the support material inside it? Does the support material pulling in...
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    First layer issues on large print

    Since day one I got my gmax, I have been printing model with large surface area and large models. I have been dealing with a lot of problems such as what you described in the first post. Bed. It's not flat at all. I had to shim a paper (folded 4 times) on one side near the screw, under the bed...
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    Print Head came loose

    This is something that needs to be addressed in the user guide. The first time I put in the filament, I noticed this and right away try to support with 2 fingers on from the bottom part. I agree, pushing it only from the top, will do all kind of damages. I found two small nuts laying on the side...
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    Room temp effect?

    Great information, thank you. For printing ABS with gcreate, would you recommend a temperature higher than 72F? And for printing PLA, would you recommend a temperature lower than 72F? Yes, my room is temperature controlled and I let it slide 2F everyday. I don't think 2F is that much of a...
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    Another "Newbie" in need of assistance

    Your acrylic problem is the same with me. It's not flat at all, and I have tried a lot of way to make this flat. The screws to hold the acrylic are only at 8 locations, and they're at the corners only. I found out tightening the screws will make the acrylic bumpy at other places. So, my way to...
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    Gmax resolution

    Thanks. Highest res is 0.08mm and lowest is 0.4mm. Noted. I am fully aware of the printing time, however the engineering needs dictate what is required to do. It looks like a bigger model can accept 0.16mm-0.24mm, so it does help with the printing time. Thanks for the reminder. Hadi
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    Gmax resolution

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    gCreate Filament Database

    Anyone tried MeltInk3D PLA/PHA? I have been using this for printing 2 models and it is not as good as PLA/PHA by Colorfabb, but for the price and USA availability, it's not bad at all. Printing is recommended by manufacture at 220-230C. Thank you, Hadi
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    Taking out the SD card during printing?

    Thank you for your prompt reply. Hadi