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    Oozing with Chimera head on Gmax 2

    I've been having some trouble lately with my GMax 2. I'm using Simplify3D for slicing, and My settings are pretty close to the original defaults (details further down). To put it simply, I'm getting very messy prints and we can't seem to get them under control. I'm wondering if it may be...
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    Shifting on a gMax 2 Single Extruder

    Hey Everyone, I am at a loss. My gMax 2 will not stop shifting layers mid print. Latest was a 35 hour print and it shifted halfway through. We are getting ready to just junk this machine because 9/10 prints fail. I have tried switching from Cura to Simplify3D. I have tries checking all...
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    gMax 2 - Getting Started Manual 190730

    This guide will walk you through the different parts of your printer and should be used to complete your first print and ensure everything is working properly. It will also help you dial in any z-offset adjustments. Even if you are familiar with 3d printing, please review this guide to set up...
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    gMax 2 Heated Bed Manual 190730

    Manual used to install and operate the gMax 2 heated bed.