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    Cura 2.5 gMax Configuration Files 17.05.03

    Configuration, profile and stl files for Cura 2.5 Cura 2.5 is a sophisticated free open source slicing engine which will export gcode files compatible with the gMax printer. Cura has several unique features to improve your printing experience and reduce time. Follow the instructions on how to...
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    gMax 1.5+ Simplify 3D Config v17.09.14

    These config files are only for printers using Marlin 1.1.1 or earlier. For printers using Marlin 1.1.8 download the SD card files instead! gMax SD Card Files - Marlin 1.1.8 Updates: 170914 - Completely revamped the S3D profiles to be much cleaner and intuitive. Split Single and Dual...