1.5XT(+) stl files


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Morning all! I was wondering if anyone could supply me with the stl files for the 1.5XT build?
I was able to find the files for 1.5 but they are slightly different from those I am replacing (running into trouble with the cooling fan and dual extruder carriage).
The only files I think I really need is the dual extruder motor mount (what I'm calling the carriage).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Maybe my request wasn't very clear so I'm bumping this thread and adding details.
dual_e3d_3_large.jpg Capture.PNG
Is there an STL available for the top version of the motor braket with the longer cable support (the version the 1.5XT+ shipped with)?
The way the cabling is attached between these 2 motor brackets varies enough that I need to do quite a bit of new cable management.

Hopefully this makes my above request a little clearer.