Adjusting Z-angled Spacers


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Adjusting Z-angled Spacers

The Z-angled spacers control how close the v-slot wheels are to the vertical rails that the X-axis arm moves along. Adjusting this spacer is part of general maintenance for your gMax. Making sure the wheels are in contact with the vertical rail will ensure smoother movement in the z-axis

outside spacer.JPG
inside spacer.JPG
There are a total of 6 z-angled spacers on your gMax. If the v-slot wheel is not moving with the vertical rail, you will have to adjust on of these spacers

adjust inside spacer.JPG
adjust outside spacer.JPG
You can use a 10mm wrench to adjust the z-angled spacers.

dot.jpg z-angled spacers indicator.jpg
There is a small dot on each z-angled spacer. This is used to show the current position of the spacer. If the dot is pointed toward the vertical rail, that is the loosest position. Turning the spacer 180 degrees will put it to the tightest position.


If the v-slot wheels are to tight on the vertical rail, you may have problems with the z-axis binding up and not raising properly. You just want to make sure the wheels are snug to the rail, and moving when the x-axis arm moves up or down.
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