Buildtak surface bubbled up after 20 hr ABS/TPE print


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I've only put around 10-15 prints (including the setup prints) through this surface before these bubbles showed up. All other prints used either no heat or 60C max. The bubbles only showed up in the smaller 8x8 area after my first 90 C ABS and TPE print which was a long 20+ hour print. Just curious if this issue has been seen before or what I should do in the future to make sure this issue isn't repeated.

Could this possibly be caused with the solvent used during the installation of the surface? IE could it break down after prolonged periods at higher heats?


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The bubbles usually only show up when the the buildtak goes over 110. With as many prints as you have used and our process for building the heated bed, the solvent is evaporated out. We do a slow bake of the glass after the buildtak is installed and let it sit for a week to make sure it has evaporated out.