E3D Nozzle Change


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Here are the steps to replace your E3D's nozzle

One of the great features about the E3D hotend's are the replaceable nozzles. Whether you have to replace a worn nozzle or would like to quickly switch to a different size, the procedure is very quick and easy.

What you will need:
  • 7mm socket and wrench
  • Adjustable Pliers
  • Replacement Nozzle

If your E3D has a silicone sock, you will want to remove this so you can grip the heater block with your pliers

Once the silicone sock is removed, you will need to preheat your gMax to 200c. This will make the removal of the old nozzle easier and is necessary when installing the new nozzle.

After the E3D has reached temperature, you can use the pliers to hold onto the heater block. With the 7mm socket, start to loosen it and keep turning to remove all the way. Be careful at this point as the heater block and nozzle are VERY hot and can burn you if touched.

With the old nozzle removed, you can hold onto the socket to quickly screw the new nozzle into place. Once it is snug, make sure the hotend is still at 200c so that you can hot tighten the nozzle to the heater block. This will help prevent nozzle from coming loose over time.

Once you have hot tightened the new nozzle onto the heater block, you can let your E3D cool down to a safe temperature. This will make it easier and safer to reinstall the silicone sock onto the heater block.