Fan Shroud E3D Volcano

I recently switched over to an E3D Volcano setup on my gMax1.5xt+, but I don't have a fan shroud for it...

I started modelling a simple shroud in solidworks but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask here and see if anyone happens to have a shroud to fit the volcano that they wouldn't mind sharing.

I created a adjustable fan shroud but I have not published it yet. I was planning on perfecting it first but what the hell. Let me know what the problems are. :lol:

I hacked together a solution that's similar, dropping the fan down and moving the shroud to match, but this is much more elegant.
I just got a volcano and its up and running but I"m a bit nervous because the fan Shroud I printed from gcreate touches the heater block I'm a afraid the thing is going to melt. Do you all think I will be fine as long as the fan is on all the time or if a redesign is in order? Also maybe E3D changed the shape and size of it at some point maybe?