Fan Shroud E3D Volcano

I recently switched over to an E3D Volcano setup on my gMax1.5xt+, but I don't have a fan shroud for it...

I started modelling a simple shroud in solidworks but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask here and see if anyone happens to have a shroud to fit the volcano that they wouldn't mind sharing.

I created a adjustable fan shroud but I have not published it yet. I was planning on perfecting it first but what the hell. Let me know what the problems are. :lol:

I hacked together a solution that's similar, dropping the fan down and moving the shroud to match, but this is much more elegant.
I just got a volcano and its up and running but I"m a bit nervous because the fan Shroud I printed from gcreate touches the heater block I'm a afraid the thing is going to melt. Do you all think I will be fine as long as the fan is on all the time or if a redesign is in order? Also maybe E3D changed the shape and size of it at some point maybe?
We have now added the .stl files for fan shroud and BLTouch bracket to the downloads section.
The files when uploaded into Cura have a height of about 180mm (~7 inches). I have the volcano upgrade kit coming to me in the mail. But this doesn't seem right at all. Any idea on proper dimensions?


Staff member
It sounds like you have the scaling set up wrong. Normally when we encounter this type of problem, it is extremely small and we have to adjust the scaling by 2540%. But the size should be: x-46.08mm, y-39.55mm, and z-53.56mm.