Flat prints lift from one corner

I've been trying to print a simple 6" flat square piece and on the first later it seems ok but once it gets further up the print seems not to stick on the same ball right side. No matter what I do the print always seems to left from the back right side. Any thoughts?


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There are a couple things you can try to fix this. One would be increasing the printing temperature. Another option would be to print with a brim.
I'm using the large bed leveling print file. I have the hotted as close as it should be for a nice first later - not too close and not too far from the bed. Not sure if this is a typical problem or its one of those - "it is what it is". The first layer prints nice and even all the way around but since I have that uneven bed thing, as you can see on the photo on the front side of the bed the print is nicely stuck to the bed, on the back it's completely loose no stick at all.....I'm afraid that to get the back layers to stick like it does on the front then the front will be way too close to the bed. Isn't the calibration suppose to prevent this from happening? Thoughts?


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Yes I’m using the latest firmaware just upgraded last week. Do I need to print a mesh? Or is that a setting? Not sure what you mean by mesh bed leveling.