gmax 1.5 for sale

Selling my 1.5 kit that i put together works fine i just can't seem to calibrate it ...Looking to get something a bit more novice friendly...looking for 1750$ that is 200$ cheaper with taxes etc..
I have the dual extruders .35 nozzle everything works as it should ...

I live in North jersey zip code 07031..Looking for it to be picked up so i do not have to ship it...

my email is
I'm so sorry you had to struggle with this alone. We have a 3D printing community in Hoboken (pretty close to you) at the Hoboken MakerBar (38 Jackson Street, Hoboken NJ -- the door closest to Newark Ave on the second floor). We are running 3D printing events all the time as well as the 3D printing classes.

I have a gMax 1.5 and I also had some frustrations getting it going, and yes, I'm also a novice. When I say I had some frustrations, I mean I was ready to tear out what little hair I have left. I do not give up easily, I've been a programmer for more than 25 years and, on a good day, I can out-stare a rock. We have guys at the space that live and breathe 3D printing in their real lives. I dragged my printer in, and it took us a couple of hours to determine that my problem was a combination of settings and a bad driver. Since then, my printer is working like a dream .... So, before you give up on it, come see us; we have open nights on Wednesday and Friday at 7pm. Check us out on meetup ( We are an educational non-profit maker space and we will be glad to help. We are member supported and only charge for formal classes, and only just enough to keep the lights on. BTW, open nights are free and our guys will help for free as well.

All 3D printers will have quirks, some more than others. The technology is not quite to the point of paper printing, where you just push a button and it all works. Well, there are printers like that ... they start at about ~10K and the cost per print is also quite high. gMax is an excellent printer, just requires a little TLC.