GMax 2 First Impressions (and some warnings!)


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They are using a product called geckotek cold. It is similar to buildtak, but we sometimes use the cold version on acrylic bed to print in PETG.
Yes, what Joshua said. I was thinking about the acrylic bed vs. the heated bed when I responded. We use GeckoTek on top of the acrylic bed. That allows you to use a layer of glue for better adhesion.
Ah that makes sense. I'm still waiting to test my heated bed. Seems I was one of the unlucky folks to get a printer with the wrong bed control cables. Team shipped the replacement today, hopefully I'll get it tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I installed an updated firmware provided by gCreate support and it has some weird issues. The X-Axis controls seem to be inverted and the stepping on the Y-Axis seems off as running auto-home causes the printer to crash violently into the right X stop (screen shows it thinks it's going towards 0 but it's really at 500+mm). Link to video below which shows what auto-home does after new firmware. I even tried clearing the eeprom and restoring safe defaults from the menu. Only after did k realize that the original firmware for gmax2 isn't posted anywhere so I can't even roll back... Dead in the water again. I'm not giving up yet but damn this has been a rollercoaster.
I must say I have gotten good support thus far but am still working through various issues due to poor packing of the Gmax 2 when they are shipped. My X carriage ended up getting bent during shipping and my bltouch damaged. Gcreate has a sent me replacement parts for both. However even the replacement parts were packed poorly and the pulley on the right side came damaged in shipping. I was able to take the pulley off of the damaged X carriage and use is but it would appear that the gear on the X motor may be defective also because I'm getting serious belt wobble on that side. Also I am getting poor prints with my replacement parts so I'm very confused.

Overall for the cost of the Gmax 2 printer I shouldn't have received a damaged printer and be receiving damaged replacement parts. If Gcreate wants to be known as having good printers they need to resolve their poor packing and poor quality control.



This will be my first 3D printer, I hope I made the right choice and haven't bitten off more than I can chew, buying this printer. I first learned of gCreate about 3 weeks ago when I stumbled upon 3DPN's unboxing video of the gMax 1.5XT+ on YouTube, I loved the build volume of that printer so much I immediately went to the gCreate website and discovered there was a gMax2, and It had everything I've been wanting in a 3D printer and more. Massive build volume, Hywin X, Y, and Z linear guide rails, printer controlled heated build plate, auto bed leveling, and best of all it's built in America with really high quality metal parts, and very few 3D printed plastic parts. Needless to say I got really excited, perhaps too excited?

Reading these reports of quality control issues and printers arriving damaged due to poor packaging. I'm a little concerned, to say the least. Especially considering what we are paying for this printer.

Hope I wan't to hasty in making this decision...


- Jeff
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