How to reset Pabystep

Wondering how to reset Babystep settings. I basically want to roll the babystep settings back to 0.00. I noticed that while printing the current babystep settings are shown on the print progress screen.

What im trying to do is for the printer not to use the previous Babystep settings. As its printing I see on the screen the -0.02 Z-offset (I believe its the last babysit settings correct) but then when I go into the Babystepsettings Im expecting it to say -0.02 and its ays 0.00 instead. If I dial it to -0.02 then in reality its adding to the previous -0.02 Babystep Yes or no? I just want to reset it back to if I never adjusted Babystep. Possible?


Staff member
When you start babystepping, it will only show the amount you are currently changing. It does not show the amount you have already babystepped. You can clear out the last babystep amount by resetting the printer.