Installing Filament Spool Brackets


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You have pulled your gMax printer out of the box and gone through all the paperwork that came along with it. It is now time to set your printer up for its first print. But before you can begin printing, you will need to install the filament spool brackets. This will show you how to install the provided filament spool brackets onto your gMax printer.

Installation Instructions:

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The first step to install the filament spool brackets will be to remove the mounting hardware. Due to the stabilizing brackets, it is not possible to just slide the brackets onto the 80/20 rail.

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The T-nuts that are part of the mounting hardware are designed to drop into the groove of the 80/20 rail. If it does not easily go in, you can use an allen wrench to move it around inside the groove and get it to drop in.

IMG_4496.JPG IMG_4498.JPG
Before you try to mount the filament spool bracket to your gMax, it is recommended to slide an all wrench behind the t-nut to help hold it in place and make it easier to attach the bolt.

You should be able to thread the top bolt without using an allen wrench to hold it in place. Make sure to tightly secure this bracket in place.

You will want to follow the same steps for mounting the other bracket. But do not tighten the bolts.

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While holding your spool of filament up on the tightened bracket, slide the second bracket into place to support the other side of the filament spool. Tighten the thumb screw to hold it into place. Then tighten the bolt on the back of the bracket.


We recommend the filament spool be placed so it unspools from the bottom to prevent the spool from falling off during a print
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