Installing Marlin Firmware using Cura Slicer


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Installing Marlin Firmware Using Cura

(Update 6/11/20) As of this update, you can use later releases of Cura, including 4.6.1, to update your firmware however if you have issues, you can use Cura 3.3 to upload. Note some of the graphics may have slightly changed however the process is the same.

With the release of our latest firmware, we have included an easier way to upload it.

You can now upload the new firmware with a HEX file using CURA. This method is faster and easier than uploading the firmware through the arduino IDE. The source code for the firmware is still available in the download file if you wish to upload the firmware through arduino.

You can find our latest firmware release here. Download and extract the zip file in an easy to remember location.

To install the latest firmware through Cura, you will want start with your gMax printer turned off.

You can then connect your gMax printer to your computer with the USB cable that came with your printer.

menu Select Cropped.gif
After the printer is connected and Cura is up and running, you will need to go to the "Manage Printers" menu option.

Select Upgrade Firmware.JPG
Click the "Upgrade Firmware" button.

Upgrade Select.JPG
When the upgrade firmware window opens, you will need to click "Upload custom Firmware" button to select the new firmware.

hex select.JPG
The next window to pop us will let you select the .hex file you wish to upload.

Just navigate to the location you extracted the firmware zip file to. Select the correct configuration for your printer and click open.

hex loading.JPG
Once you select the proper configuration for your printer, Cura will begin to automatically upload the new firmware.

Close all.JPG
After Cura has finished uploading the firmware, you can close out all the dialog boxes and power on your gMax. It will now have the latest firmware release and should say Marlin 1.1.8 at startup..

Thank You

A huge thank you to the entire Marlin Development team. We will be incorporating our changes to the Marlin github and as always our source code is available in the .zip file.


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