Missing Screw?

Needed to remove my Hotend for cleaning and noticed that the Extruder bracket thing is missing a screw on the bottom left (Can I order these?)
Not sure if it's porously. Also cant really notice it on the photo but with all screws loose the Extruder bracket is CROOKED. Slightly higher on the right side, how can I fix this without having to forcley straighten by hand and then tightening?




Staff member
We generally only use 3 screws to mount the extruder. The extra hole is just left empty. But If you want to replace it, the screw is a 4-40 1/2" with regular washer and a lock washer. The crooked part is most likely due to the way your eccentric spacers. Depending on where they are adjusted to, it can tilt the carriage to one side or the other. It doesnt effect the print quality though.