Printer disconnects when firmware .hex file is selected

I have a 2016 1.5+ XL that I'm trying to update to Marlin 1.1.8 using Cura 3.3.1. The printer connects when connected via USB. But as soon as I select the firmware .hex file the connection status immediately changes from"Waiting for a printjob" to "Printer is not connected."

- Bob
But wait...

Now that I have the 1.1.8 firmware installed, I'm attempting to level the bed under the gMax tools menu. The process begins with the gantry doing an (X, Y) home, then a Z home in the center of the bed. But once it homes on the center it climbs all the way to the Z top. Problem is, my unit don't have a Z-max limit switch. So I have to power the printer off or else it'll climb beyond the end of the lead screws.

What is it trying to do, and how do I tell it to stop?

- Bob


Staff member
Hey Bob,

I would try to reinstall the firmware. Sometimes there can be issues during the upload. Also look into getting a class 10 SD card. The marlin dev team rewrote how the firmware reads SD cards and sometimes class 4 cards have been giving us issues.