Tightening the Nylon Nutblock


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Tightening the Nylon Nutblock

If you are starting to notice that one side of you x-axis arm does not stay in place, you may need to tighten one of the Nylon Nutblock holding up the arm. This will show you how to adjust the tension of the nutblocks installed on your gMax.

You can find the nutblocks on the back side of the x-axis arm where the LEAD screw meets

To allow for future adjustments, we leave a little gap in the nutblock.

You will need to first loosen the nut with an 8mm wrench. Once it is loose, you can scrwe the set screw in till it closes the gap.

Once the gap is closed, you will start to tighten the hold the nutblock has on the LEAD screw. After you have tightend the set screw up far enough, tighten the bolt to prevent the set screw from coming loose over time.


Be careful not to over tighten the nutblock. This will make it so the motor can not turn the LEAD screw and you will start to get binding issues in your z-axis. Start with small adjustments and moving the z-axis in between.
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