gMax 2 PRO Mainboard (SKR v2 & v3) Firmware 221107

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gMax 2 PRO
Marlin 2 Firmware for gMax 2 PRO

Update 11/7/2022 :
MPC replaces PID for temperature control.
Unified bed leveling replaces bi-linear bed leveling for a 60% reduction in leveling time
Linear advance is utilized for pressure control
Junction deviation replaces classic jerk
Added printer stats
X-twist compensation is now 3 points not 4

More information can be found here:

Update 3/8/2022 :
Firmware has been modified for new Skr v2 boards with F429 processor. Make sure to upload the correct firmware for your processor. All F429 boards have a sticker on the acrylic indicating it is an F429 as well as a silver dot on the processor. All F407 boards will not have these items. You can also look at the text on the processor to se it's version.

Skr v2 F429 board_with arrows.jpg

Added the new X-Axis Twist wizard to adjust for twist from left to right. See the getting started guide for more information.

Update 12/14/2021 :
New thermistor type DYZE 400C for printers shipped in Nov 2021 and after
Adjustments to PID values

Update 10/4/2021 :
Changed baud rate to 115200 for better compatibility
Misc changes to match latest firmware

Update 8/12/2021 :
Initial upload of firmware.

Used on the gMax 2 PRO 3d printer. This firmware ships pre-installed on your gMax 3d printer.

This firmware is NOT compatible with the gMax 2 or the gMax 1.5+ printers. It is only compatible with the gMax 2 PRO.


Installation instructions can be found in the gMax 2 PRO User guide available in the download section of the forum. We recommend updating both the Skr firmware and the Touchscreen firmware to avoid compatibility issues. The user guide can be found under the gMax 2 PRO Manuals folder in the SD Card files link:

gMax 2 PRO SD Card Folder

Thank You

The original Marlin github can be found here:

A list of useful gcode commands can be found here:

Do not use the configuration files for the gMax found on the github page. Always download the gMax firmware found on our forum to ensure it works on your printer. Modifying the firmware is for advanced users and it not recommended. Making changes to the firmware could cause damage to your printer not covered under warranty.

A huge thank you to the entire Marlin Development team. Our source code is available in the .zip file.

Advanced Features

We have enabled a few advanced features from the marlin firmware and will be making short tutorials on them. They include:
  • Cancel Object (Classic Marlin Mode only. Use PrusaSlicer Label objects)
  • G2/G3 Arc using ArcWelder (Uses Cura ArcWelder plugin)
  • M808 gcode to perform loop functions via gcode
  • M150 gcode function to control RGB led pixels (ie. M150 R100 I0)
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