gmax 2 pro

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    gMax 2 PRO Mainboard (SKR v2 & v3) Firmware 221107

    [RED_TITLE]Marlin 2 Firmware for gMax 2 PRO[/RED_TITLE] Update 11/7/2022 : MPC replaces PID for temperature control. Unified bed leveling replaces bi-linear bed leveling for a 60% reduction in leveling time Linear advance is utilized for pressure control Junction deviation replaces classic jerk...
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    gMax 2 PRO Touchscreen Firmware 221107

    Please note the gMax 2 PRO mainboard and touchscreen use different firmware. This is for the touchscreen only. Installation instructions can be found in the gMax 2 PRO user guide found on this forum. Update 11/7/2022 : MPC tuning to replace PID Notifications display correctly Preheat defaults...
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    gMax 2 PRO 3D Files 210728

    A collection of .stl files of replacement parts for the gMax 2 PRO. We recommend printing in CFPLA for best results and with 60% infill and 4 perimeters
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    gMax 2 PRO - Wiring Guide 210722

    Useful guide showing the wiring of the gMax 2 PRO electronics case, touchscreen, extruder and
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    gMax 2 PRO - Getting Started Manual 210827

    A useful guide to show some of the features of the printer and walk you through your first print.
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    gMax 2 PRO - Unboxing Guide 210707

    I useful guide used to unbox and set up the gMax 2 PRO printer.